November 1–3, 2013
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PowerHouse is a youth rally hosted by the Fairfax Church of Christ that takes place every two years. The purpose of PowerHouse is to equip and uplift Christian teens in their faith in order to help them in their walk with Christ.

Our purpose statement: Ignite a love for Jesus in teens that equips, uplifts, and challenges them to grow in Christ and His body. As indicted in the PowerHouse graphic, Christ is the foundation and center of our house. Christ is our source of power as He is building us up into a spiritual house to be His royal priesthood. Our goal is to honor God in this way with PowerHouse. 

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 Today’s teens are encouraged to turn down their faith in Christ and turn it inward in order to not offend others and be tolerant. However, Scripture is clear that we need to turn up our faith in Christ and in turn to turn it out towards others and make disciples. This PowerHouse we will work to help teens learn how to turn up their faith in Christ and develop an intimate relationship with Him in order to turn that faith out toward others.

$40/person until October 20
$40/person until October 13


  • Group Early Registration cost is $40/person 
  • Cost increases to $45/person on October 20th
  • Housing is available!

Fairfax Students Registration

  • FSM Early Registration cost is $40/person 
  • Cost increases to $45/person on October 13th